Statement of l’Infini: COVID-19

Confinement Rules and Reliable Info Sources (16 Mar 2020)

To share in your networks:

Given the pandemic situation we’ll likely be in for the next 12-18 months (UCSF) and the lockdown that’ll accompany it (for an unfortunately shorter period due to economic pressures), we’re sharing with you the precautionary measures we’ve chosen to apply in our community l’Infini. Here are a few links to the management plan of another collective house, to the gradation of household measures according to risk levels, and to a template to better coordinate between households.

Therefore, until further notice:

  • L’Infini cancels all its events.
  • L’Infini will no longer accept unannounced visits.
  • Our desire to exchange more and to get to know each other is still there, in spite of the confinement. Send us messages! Let’s talk on the phone!

We follow government recommendations and guidelines regarding contamination risks, and we invite you to do the same given the seriousness of the situation.

In addition, we highly recommend you to consult two collective documents with very high epistemic requirements.
One of these documents, the LessWrong Coronavirus Link Database, is a continuously updated database of 215+ links.
The other document, Pandemic Preparedness, gathers important information to prepare for and manage the arrival of a pandemic.

We have decided to implement the following health and safety measures for the people living at l’Infini (and we invite you to implement them as well):

  • To watch these two videos on how to wash our hands, to evaluate each other on our hand washing, and to our fingernails regularly.
  • To commit not to share any unverified information.
  • To limit outdoor activities as much as possible (except to take some fresh air) and be aware of sources of contamination (door handles, benches, coins and bills, card readers, etc).
  • To use hand sanitizer only when hand washing is not possible.
  • To wash our hands for 20 seconds each time we enter a space (l’Infini or elsewhere).
  • To disinfect our phone each time we enter the loft by spraying it with a diluted bleach solution (one part bleach, nine parts water).
  • To disinfect surfaces regularly with a diluted bleach solution.
  • To wash our hands for 20 seconds each time we go to the toilet.
  • To sneeze into our elbow, otherwise to wash your hands.
  • To support each other emotionally (by text or phone), and to continue creating, reading, learning, and entertaining ourselves (as to not get overwhelmed by the flow of information).
  • To follow the obligation to systematically ask and share with all people with whom we physically interact if new symptoms have appeared in our homes or in our networks.
  • To commit to respect these health and safety measures and to ensure that all the people we physically interact with also do.

Finally, here is a bulleted list of priority interventions:

  • Educate your network about proper hygiene and social distancing.
  • Make sure that everyone in your network has stocked up on essentials (food, medications, toilet paper, etc) to reduce the chance that they’ll need to visit a store during a time when doing so is likely to endanger their health.
  • Make sure that everyone in your network has a plan for what to do in the event that they or someone in their household contracts COVID-19.

Send us a message at if you see any misleading statements, inaccuracies, factual errors, or think some significantly important advice or resource should be included.